Matte Gel Top Coat


OK!GEL POLISH matte top it off creates a matte finish for your OK!GEL POLISH soak-off service.

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Matte Gel Top Coat

  • Matte gel top coat Finish & Longer Lasting: The topcoat let you get differet nail art result from normal top gel, and it can last up to 2 weeks. No nicks, chips or smudges.
  • OK! GEL POLISH Health: The no wipe gel top coat are made of Toxin Free Ingredient. No harm to your nails. Besides, Makartt top coat gel nail polish is cruelty-free, providing you a comfortable nails experience.
  • Compatible with All Brands Gel Nail Polish: Suitable for gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips etc.
  • gel polish top coat provides durability and ensures a long-lasting manicure that seals in color and provides a matte finish.
  • Nail Lamp Required: The dip powder top coat requires to be cured under the nail lamp for 90-120s, Cure times may vary based on the different nail lamp.
  • With gel nail polish, please always apply thin layer each time. Too much coat or gel on the skin might cause burning feeling when cure under nail lamp. Please clean gel around nails prior curing as well.

Easy to Apply

1.File your nails including the surface to get rid of any excess oils.

2.Apply base coat – cure with nail lamp.

3.Apply 1st thin coat of polish – cure.Apply 2nd thin coat of polish – cure.

4.Apply top coat – cure.

5.Enjoy your Manicure last for 2-3 weeks.

How to Remove?

1.File off the top coat gently.

2.Soak cotton pad with acetone, then wrap around each nail tightly with tin foil, and leave it for around 10 minutes or longer.

3.Use an orange stick or cuticle pushier to remove softened gel.

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