Nail Buffer Mini Block File 180/100 Grit Sandwich Gray Washable Manicure 50Pcs




Nail Buffer Mini Block File 180/100 Grit Sandwich Gray Washable Manicure 50Pcs

  • Nail Buffer Mini Blocks can be used for acrylic, dip powder and natural nails Our Premium nail buffer Smooth even the hardest to get to spots on your nails. This buffer is guaranteed to be strong and
  • Premium quality mini buffer out the rough edges and makes the polish last longer
  • Portable Small size but enough surface to use on a full set 1.3” x 0.98” inch.
  • Last longer Premium Quality. It’s a professional product used by nail technicians.
  • Disposable Buffers No Cross Contamination One for each client.

Double Sided Nail File – Home or Professional Manicure and Pedicure Tools !

Material: Sandpaper Size: 1.3” x 0.98” inch Surface: Grit 100/180 100 grit size – Coarse and rough. ideal for filling poly nail extension gel acrylic nails.

180 grit size – Medium sharp and medium rough. ideal for filling artificial nails and natural nails.

Suitable for deep groove nail surface. Reduces scratches and prepares enhancements for lacquer, resin & gel top coats. Suitable for different kinds and sizes nail tip, shape the nails to your desired length and shape

Customer Say:

  1. Great for buffing nails! Plus I don’t like wasting the big buffing files & this one is perfect. It’s pretty small but perfect for one set of nails.
  2. These are amazing little buffers. They work great. I love them because you just toss the used ones and get a new one for the next client.
  3. Super easy-to-use and they work well for one client then just toss them. So much easier and time efficient than the other ones.. I will definitely be purchasing these mini buffers again.
  4. You get so so so many it’s great because I can give them to my customers. Great product
  5. Amazing buffers and they come with amazing files as well love it and the value is great


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