Nail Stickers Nail Art. Nail Wraps. 14 Sheet


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Nail Stickers Nail Art. Nail Wraps. 14 Sheet

Nail stickers nail art , nail wraps 14 sheet made of Polyurethane, so they don’t chip or smudge like nail polish. The best part? NO DRY TIME!

On average the nail wraps last 4-14 days on you finger nails and 2 months on your toe nails. It all depends on how well you apply them, and how rough you are on your hands. If you put a layer of clear gel over the wraps, they can last up to 2 weeks.

To remove, simply lift off. No chemicals are needed.


How many pairs per pack?
7 pairs

How to Apply :
2. Select proper size.
3. Apply from cuticle line and cover the entire nail surface.
4. Press down firmly from center & side to side.
5. Fold excess material and file with long strokes in a single direction using the white side of the file.
6. Finish with gray side of the file to smooth out nail edge.

How to Remove:
1. Apply a drop of polish remover or cuticle area.
2. Gently lift away the strip. Helpful Hints: Do not use any lotions or oils at least one hour before or after application. If you have excess material when folding strip over the free edge, use a scissor before filing. Good for 12 months once opened.

Caution: Do not peel off with force or one quick motion.

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